To ensure your satisfaction and that appropriate expectations are set, you will be asked for a signature indicating your consent to the following terms at the time of your service.

Color Release Form

You have been given this information sheet as we feel it is only fair to be upfront about the maintenance and risks involved in using bleach or color. PLEASE READ COMPLETELY!

Most people are drawn to our salon not just for our fun colors, but for the incredible quality of our clients hair. The reason for this quality is that both the stylists and the client put the integrity and health of the hair at the top of the priority list. To ensure your satisfaction and our commitment to quality, please listen carefully to our advice and do not cut corners.

Please note: pictures are for inspiration, NOT duplication!  Your stylist will inform you if your desired look is possible on your hair.  Instagram and Pinterest are a great resources but not always realistic.


Bleach is the most damaging chemical we can legally use on your hair. While the results can be incredible, we want to be honest about our products and the fact that they are in fact chemicals.


Extreme Lightening

When hair is lifted, it will go through stages from orange to yellow, to pale yellow and eventually, on some types (not all) we can lift to white. The stage after white would be for the hair to completely disintegrate. Essentially, we are dancing with the devil. Much like skydiving, you are taking calculated risks under the guidance of highly trained professionals, but at the end of the day you are still taking risks.

If this is something you are working towards, your stylist will explain the process, and the steps you can take to help minimize the risks.


Hair History

I understand that I must disclose all information about my hair history and the relevant details of my lifestyle in order for my stylist to make the right decisions to protect my hair. This includes any previous color services (including at-home box color), if I ever used henna, if I swim frequently, frequency of heat styling, etc.  Not all hair color is created equal, and your stylist may have to redirect you to a more realistic goal!


Shampooing and Conditioning

I understand that my hair will only be protected against ongoing deterioration from bleach and excessive color fade by using premium salon quality aftercare products.  We cannot stand behind or guarantee longevity/health with similar products purchased from third party sellers such as Amazon, drug stores, etc.


Direct (Vivid) Colors

I understand that direct colors are not permanent and are subject to fade. Direct colors must be touched up regularly and there is no way to know how long they will last. My stylist holds no responsibility for the fade out. Sometimes direct dyes stain the hair (or skin) and may not come out completely.


This is a French, free-hand highlighting technique in which bleach is painted on to create a natural, sun-kissed effect (which is often rooted).  Typically we are able to lift 2-3 levels lighter using this technique. Modern techniques may allow for a lighter outcome, but may require multiple salon visits.  Some hair--even healthy, virgin hair, cannot be lifted to white. Stylists reserve the right to end sessions if the hair becomes compromised and can no longer handle further chemical processing.  Trust the process--we have your hair’s best interests at heart!


I understand that toners are not permanent and will need to be maintained periodically.

Skin Sensitivities

I understand that there is no skin testing for the bleaching process and that often bleach on the scalp can cause irritation, redness, and itching. In some cases it can even cause small sores that will generally clear up in a few days.

I understand that if irritation occurs and I feel discomfort exceeding more than a gentle tingle, that I must make the stylist aware as soon as possible.

Please note that in some very rare cases an allergic reaction may occur.  In this case we recommend seeking care from a qualified dermatologist or medical professional.  If an allergic reaction does occur we cannot be held responsible but will provide recommendations based on our experience.  

General Tips and Advice for Maintaining Healthy Hair

  • Don’t wash your hair every day, and use cool water when shampooing for longevity.
  • Additives such as OLAPLEX will help increase the integrity of your hair greatly. At the discretion of the stylist, this may be a mandatory add-on.
  • Use a silk scarf at night to wrap your hair up. Silk pillows are great, but using a silk wrap helps use the natural oils from your hair to keep the condition while even keeping your hair styled.  This helps reduce the need for damaging heat styling.
  • Reduce the use of heat styling as much as possible! Using a dry shampoo helps extend a blow dry out a few days.
  • Get your roots done every 6 weeks or less for on-scalp double-process bleach. Six weeks will give us the perfect amount of regrowth to work with so we do not have to overlap which causes bands within the hair. Again, this is for on-scalp bleach clients only.  Beyond six weeks the service becomes a Corrective Color to remove banding, and an up-charge will apply.